The BIG 5

First let me welcome any new readers!! And a big thank you and hello to my returning readers!!

I have a real treat for you today!  So because I surpassed my expectations for the first round of plants I decided to up the stakes  and Grow 5 plants hence the title! the plants chosen were Dill, because I like pickles, Rosemary because it makes my taste buds feel sophisticated, Parsley, because it’s an amazing gnashed and also being a former employee of Olive Garden they put that on everything. Cilantro, because I wanted to give it another try! and lastly, Spinach,just because I simply wanted too!

IMG_5937 (1)

So with my 5 plants chosen I wanted to go even a step further! Instead of using the traditional pots I purchased mason jars from Micheal’s for only $1.99! and then I wanted to add my own flair by painting them using Martha Stewart line of glass tint and paint.The paint was about $2,99 a little pricey but definitely worth it! I also purchased the little chalkboard pins at Micheal’s for $1.99


Just like prior post I want to take a little time to discussed my expectations for this round of plants. I’m a little nervous about cilantro just because in the first round it died but, now I know what the plant needs to survive. Another concern is the drainage issue when using mason jars. I was initially going to drill holes in the jars but, then i realized i’m not that talented when using power tools. hahah so I discovered Wormies! they are available at Walmart for 98 cents.!!


They changed color to let you know that your plant needs to be watered. They are pretty cool and very useful. Overall i’m expecting all 5 plants to grow nice big and also to have an amazing aroma! Im super excited and I can’t wait to see them all start growing !!!


Green Thumb!! 

Hey all!!! First off I want to thank everyone who has supported me through this journey!! I’ve learned so much about horticulture and myself!

The cilantro I was growing died because of a fungus fly infestation😕. I battled with this plant for weeks trying to get it to healthy state but it was too late. But, this is what my journey is all about! It’s a trial and error sort of thing. I’ve now learned the proper techniques and I will be growing cliantro again in my next round of herbs!! 

With all the sad news out the way I’m proud to say that my basil is alive and growing everyday !!! 

The Basil definitely exceeded my expectations! It’s still surprises me that I can actually grow things I HAVE A GREEN THUMB!! I’m proud of myself for finding a passion and actually keeping up with it on a daily basis! The next step will be harvesting the basil and being able use it in my cooking!!!

For my next round of plants I’ve decided to challenge myself and try to grow 5 different herbs! Which to find out what herbs your gonna have to stay tuned !!

Thank you all and blessing to you !!

This is just the beginning!!

I am proud to say that my herbs have SPROUTED and they look amazing!!! I never thought that I would be able to even grow anything but, I am here to say it is POSSIBLE!.The Basil sprouted first and cilantro followed. During the second week I notice these little bugs. They are the size of fruit flies and if I did not look at my soil I would have never even notice them. These nasty root killer bugs are called FUNGUS FLIES. They are the same size as a common gnat or a fruit fly. They survive in moist soil and  lay eggs in the soil. Fungus flies eat the root of the plant which then causes your plant to wilt and in some cases it can kill the entire plant itself. Luckily for me I caught them in the beginning of their little egg laying  party. I researched different insecticides and found  Garden Safe Fungicide @ Walmart . This insecticides/ fungicide/miticide  kills over 20 different bugs that you might find in your plants . It did WONDERS for me! It saved my plants!!!  All in the matter of 4 days I went from seeing 4-5 fungus flies to now only seeing one!! Now enough about my almost tragedy… Lets talk herbs! Without further adieu I present to you my 3 week old plants!!!

imagegifboom (2)IMG_5246IMG_5245

I am beyond ecstatic about the progress so far! They look amazing!


I’ve been researching the proper techniques for up to three weeks about what pods to choose,the best soil, the best amount of  sunlight, and how to get the best results for my herbs. I am confidently at a space where I’m ready to pot my plants. I decided to choose  basil and cilantro for my herb. I choose these herbs simply because they are awesome beginner plants and they are two of my favorite herbs!The seeds are from the Martha Stewart collection and they are 100% all natural. I purchased the soil from Home Depot and I purchased my pots from the Dollar Tree.The total cost for the pots, seeds and the soil came to about $40. I proudly can say that the seeds are potted and I am now waiting for them to germinate. Stay tuned and find out what happens!!! Thank you for reading my blog and for all your support.

About Me!

Hello my name is Candice Rice.🌞 I’m a 21 yr old Psychology major and Human Resource minor currently residing in Pennsylvania. I’m writing this blog because I wanted to find my passion in life. To me it seemed like everyone around me had a passion for Christ or for fashion or for hair but, I never knew what I wanted to do so I sat down and developed a list of things that I could see myself doing things that made me passionate things that made me happy and it was a long list! So I took another approach and thought back to when I was 10, when it was a time of freedom and innocence and I thought about what I love to do at that age and I remembered that I just loved being outside and I love the sun kissing my skin I loved it all and then hit me like a smack in the face why not plant something! Why not see something growing from start to finish. I decided to do horticulture I actually have no prior experience but, as a beginner I will learn new techniques to growing the prefect Herbs, fruits and veggies! When I was younger I’ve planted veggies before but I never actually took it seriously. This blog is going to be a record of my experiences into the world of Horticulture. Enjoy!